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The Library Advisory Board held a special meeting to discuss and make a recommendation on November 7 about 26 books that the community found inappropriate. Led by members of the Protect Abi Families, concerned citizens read from the books in questions and tried to reason with the board. In the end, the decision was tabled so that a member of the board could further review some of the books in question. 

Parents Stand Up to Protect Children From Public Drag Shows

A handful of concerned parents and citizens pleaded with the City Council to protect children at the September 22 Meeting. They lined the public comment section with one good point after another detailing why it is wrong to have a drag show at a building that the public can see from a city park and even more wrong to try a lure children to this adult themed event. 

Pornography filled “Let’s Talk About It” Book Removed From Library

Despite a complete failure by the Library Advisory Board to do the right thing on August 29, the first book brought to the public discussion has been removed by City Manager Robert Hanna.

New Buffalo Gap News Article on Library Group

Aubrey Batten authored another great article in the September Issue of BGN News titled “Library Protecting The Innocent? Not Anymore”. The new article is an update from Aubrey’s previous article. If you are looking to catch up with the fight to protect children up until August 25, this is a great way to do it. Feel free to download the digital version of the article below..